Top Five Recommended PPI Companies in the UK

Life is full of odds and unfortunate eventualities. But life eventualities should never hinder you from making the best out of the current situations. All you need is an insurance policy that will cover you when you are alive, and help those who depend on you when you are dead. With Payment Protection Insurance, you are enabled to insure repayment of credit when you die, become sick, disabled or when you lose a job. You can purchase PPI as an add-on to a loan, or an overdraft to insure all kinds of borrowing. In case you are looking for the best PPI dealers in UK, here are the top five recommended companies: 5. PPI CLAIMS SEVICES PPI offer has no upfront fees at all. The company only charges 15% + VAT fee, but on a pay on service completion policy. It has a skilled and vastly experienced workforce with confirmed track records of successful claims. The company entails paperless operations because all the transactions are completed electronically, thus it's easier to make a follow-up about your claims. 4. MONEY SAVING EXPERT This company boasts of over 20 billion pounds in refund deals to thousands of its clients across the UK. It has an online platform that helps you keep in touch with the service providers through letters. Their letter templates are provided by the complaints firm Resolver, which provides a perfect technology for communication between clients and the company. All you need to initiate the reclaiming process is your account number, reasons for reclamation, the date you took out the product, and copies of any other credential of interest to the process. 3. HAVE I GOT PPI The company strictly operates on a no win no fee terms. It has no upfront charges, and has highly trained and friendly experts offering advice and follow-up to your claims. 2. PPI EFUND Owned and operated by the ismart customer solutions, PPI REFUND offers free check services to the clients. You only need to fill in your contact details, submit and wait for relevant paperwork to sign. The company also operates on payment after service terms. 1. GLADSTONE BROOKS With over 91% claim rate success, the company has made a record refund of more than 500 million pounds. It operates on no win no fees basis with no upfront fees. The company charges 25% + VAT on total refund

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