What Are the Credit Options for Irelanders with Bad Credit History?

Having a bad credit score can frustrate your investment plans because you will have limited options for borrowing. There are very few, if any, banking or established financial institution that will be willing to lend you money. All is not lost because there are considerable options that Irelanders can utilize to get financing for their investments. Some of the feasible sources for borrowing include: E-payday Loans E-payday is a reliable lending institute based in Ireland. This institution focuses on providing both secure and unsecure loans to potential borrowers. You don't need to have an excellent credit history to get a loan from E-payday; they offer friendly terms to all persons who are looking to invest. Once E-payday agents determine that you can pay the loan when you receive the next salary, they will request you to provide your debit card details. The debit card will be used to recover the loan during your next payday. Cash Loans Borrow Now is a pawn shop that offers loans on items. You are required to provide an item that has enough value to cover the loan you are requesting. Some of the items accepted on include antiques, jewelry and watches. As long as you have a valuable item you can use it to secure a loan, even if your credit score is poor. Wentworth Direct Finance Loans Wentworth is a financial lending institution in Ireland that provides loans to citizens regardless of their credit history. You'll be required to fill a no-obligation application form that is provided on the company's website. Wentworth provides individuals with the opportunity to borrow up to £15,000. Personal Credit Loans from Provident If you have a reliable source of income or have a high-priced valuable, you can contact the Provident firm for a loan. The cash loans offered range from £100 to £1000 depending on the borrower's affordability. Debt Advisory Center Consolidation Loans Debt Advisory Center offers loans to people who are looking to consolidate or repay their debts. Professional counseling is provided to the borrower to ensure they make the right decisions when offsetting their debts.

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