Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are the next big thing after gas-mobile and conventional hybrid vehicles. Electric cars have zero emissions making them the best choice of vehicles. Electric vehicles (EVs) uses natural gases and solar energy converted by solar panels and stored in rechargeable batteries. The price of Electric vehicles is relatively low than gasoline-propelled vehicles and reduce global warming emissions. Electric Vehicle critics still insist that EVs neither reduce any global warming emissions nor carbon dioxide since they burn electricity from natural gas and coal power plants. According to a research conducted on EVs, driving an EV is environmentally friendly than gasoline-powered vehicles regardless of the location in the US. A research carried out by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) shows that there is a lot of fuel cost saving on EVs as compared to the conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. Driving EVs to Save Money An EV owner saves a considerable amount of money on “fueling” as compared to the drivers of gasoline-powered vehicles. A comparison on EVs and gasoline-powered vehicles depict a saving of $750 to $1,200 per year on EVs, considering an average price of $3.50 per gallon on a vehicle that uses 1 gallon per 27 miles. This finding is based on power charges in fifty cities in the US. An increase in the price of gasoline means that the fuel cost saved on EVs will also increase. An EV driver can expect an extra $100 saving per year for each 25 cent increase in gasoline prices. EVs drivers can anticipate higher saving depending on the Time of Use (TOU) electricity pricing. TOU is being implemented by many regions that offer cheaper electricity at nighttime when most of the EVs owners charge their electric-powered cars. Most Americans live in regions that are termed as ‘best’ regions for driving EVs. Other EVs owners that drive in dirty regions can expect a considerable saving on fuel as compared to driving other types of vehicles. Regardless of the region where an EV is driven, their fuel cost is lower than a gasoline-powered vehicle.

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