How to get broadband without landline

No Landline Broadband? Want to change your broadband, but don't need a new landline? A lot of people can get tied down to a less than ideal broadband deal as part of a package. Luckily you can get around this without having to pay a monthly fee. The Culture Ministry of the UK has had meetings with companies like BT and Virgin to discuss the business practice of offering cheaper broadband but with more hidden costs like the set up charges and landline rent. These meetings haven't gone as well as might have been hoped, some companies (TalkTalk among them) simply changed their approach: giving consumers a "combined monthly price", on paper the issue is solved but customers end up paying the same price. Satellite broadband might have been your only choice a few years ago depending on where you lived, today advances in technology have made it much easier to gain access to high speed broadband, now it's only one of several choices. Now how do you get broadband without a landline alongside it? In the UK, use Virgin Media as they provide a cabal service, it's not nationwide but is available in most parts of the country and you can even contact Virgin Media about extending it to your area if it's not yet available. Even the slower megabytes per second deals will give you reasonable bang for your buck. A more costly but high tech option is having fibre wired directly to your building, Hyperoptic can provide this. The cost is higher but the service experiences no different in upload/download speeds like other methods, certainly worth considering if this is important to you. The fibre network is very limited right now and chances are you'll have to apply for an extension to your area. Getting away from the landline option won't happen anytime soon, but options in consumer broadband are always growing and one day ADSL could be a thing of the past.

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