How to Remove Velux Blinds

Removing Velux blinds, either to replace the blinds or for cleaning, couldn’t be easier. All you need is something in case the fitting clips or bracket cover are on a little tight, like a flathead screwdriver or a similar sturdy and flat tool, a stepladder if the blinds are up higher than you are tall and, depending upon the weight of the blinds, a helpful friend to help you lift them off. Before you take the blinds off, it is advisable to dust them off, to prevent sneezing and extra cleaning once you are finished. Removing the valances. Some Velux blinds are covered by valances. A valance is a piece of wood or metal molding to hide the head-rail. Removing the valances is pretty simple. To remove the valance, all you have to do is lift the lower edge of the valance, which exposes the hinged clips. Push each clip with the flathead screwdriver until they’re released and you can remove them from the valance. Once this is done, the valance will come straight off and you can carry on to the brackets. Some blinds are fastened with mounting brackets which snap over the head-rail. For these blinds you simply have to open the brackets, unscrew the covers or press the tabs to release the hinges. This will expose the head-rail, leaving you able to lift the blinds out. Wide blinds may have extra brackets in the middle for extra support. If you have wide blinds, ask the help of a friend to hold on to the released side while you unclip the still fastened side. Horizontal blinds. Before removing horizontal blinds, make sure the blades are completely flat. Once flat, raise the blinds fully and lock them into position. Make sure the cord is secured. When all is secured, find the spring clip on the side where the cord is located and push the entire blind back towards the spring clip. You can now lift this side out of the frame with a simple backwards twist. Do the same on the opposite side. Cellular and pleated blinds. Raise the blinds fully and secure them in place. Find the spring clip on either end of the frame. By pressing the blind back towards the window at one of either spring clips, you can twist the blind out of the frame. Repeat on the opposite side

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