The difference between Fakro and Velux roof window brands

The Fakro and Velux are two of the most popular roof window brands. Choosing which one best fits your needs can be a daunting task especially if you are new to roof windows. While it is highly recommended you seek advice from a professional, comparing the differences between the two should at least give you a starting point as you make your choice. Size matters a lot especially when it comes to roof windows. Luckily, for these two brands, they come in a variety of different sizes. This means you get to choose a size that better fits your house. Nonetheless, while Fakro mainly deals with the 13 size windows, Velux only offers 12. Another distinguishing feature between these two brands is window handles. Fakro’s main advantage in this area is that its design incorporates a bottom handle, allowing for a larger glazed area. Furthermore, it also incorporates an auxiliary opening handle position. While one may argue that the U Value by Velux (1.4 W/m2K) is good, while Fakro’s at (1.3W/m2k) is slightly better, this small difference can make a huge impact. Another major difference between these two brands is that while Fakro’s design incorporates a condensation run off channel, the Velux brands lacks in this area. A condensation channel ensures that when condensation builds up it has a place to go. This ensures that roof windows last longer and are not easily susceptible to damage. A major consideration when designing these types of windows is their simplicity in installing. Manufacturers aim to make them easy to install so that even a person without experience can install them by following some simple instructions. Comparing the two, Fakro does better due to their Universal Bracket Fix Installation feature. However, although they are easy to fit, they are still secure thanks to their Safe Anti-Burglary System. Fakro also has a good design especially with its beautiful two-coat lacquer finish it spots on its timber surface. Whichever, roofing window you decide to purchase, be sure you seek advice from an expert. While cost may be a big issue, you should not sacrifice quality.

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