The Top 6 Electric Cars Of 2017

The electric car is finally beginning to break into the mainstream consumer market, after years of relative obscurity. In 2017, you may be surprised to find that there are over twenty models of electric cars on the market. Below is a sample of what we feel are the top electric cars of this year. BMW i8 This futuristic-looking coupe is a high-end hybrid boasting a 129 horsepower electric engine, and a 230 horsepower gasoline engine. The sleek aesthetics of this model comes at a price of $137,000. However, for that price BMW will also send engineers to install a 240 volt home charging station for you upon purchase, which is capable of fully charging the i8's battery in just 2 hours. Nissan LEAF The Nissan LEAF is currently the most popular electric vehicle in the world. This fully electric vehicle is one of the cheapest on the market at just $29,000. It has a 107 horsepower motor capable of taking you 84 or 107 miles on a single charge, depending on which of two available battery models you select. LED headlights help reduce power consumption and increase the vehicle's range as well. If you're looking to get an electric vehicle at a cheap price point, this is the car for you. Toyota Prius Prime This hybrid sedan is probably the first electric car that people think of besides Tesla. Although it's price has yet to be determined, many details about its performance have been confirmed. It can achieve speeds of 84 mph on only electric power. The latest model has increased battery size and range from it's predecessors. The Prius Prime can be fully charged in 5.5 hours from a regular 120 volt outlet. Although this is clearly a hybrid and will still rely on a gasoline engine to travel long distances, it's an interesting foray into the electric vehicle market. Tesla Model S The Tesla Model S is fully electric, and arguably just as sporty looking as the BMW i8, but with a lower price tag at only $71,000. Tesla is an iconic brand that most people think of in regards to electric cars, and was the first company to truly make electric cars cool. At 315 horsepower and over 30 miles per hour of charging, the Tesla Model S is also about superior performance in addition to aesthetics. It's more spacious than the Nissan LEAF and has more features, but that is reflected in the price tag. Volkswagen E-Golf Volkswagen is another well-known car company branching out into the electric market with their E-Golf. It's a practical family vehicle that doesn't aim to be futuristic. With a price tag of $29,800, it's also an affordable electric option for most families. The E-Golf has the best handling of electric cars in its price range, especially when it comes to stop-and-go city driving. It has a lower range than the Nissan LEAF's 107 miles, measuring in at only 83. It has a similar charging rate to other electric cars in its class, although it notably lacks a charging indicator light present in most other models. McLaren P1 For the racecar driver in you, there's the McLaren P1. If you have $1,150,000 to spare, the McLaren P1 will get you from 0-60 in 2.6 seconds with its blistering 903 horsepower (177 from electric, 727 from its V8 engine.) It's capable of driving beyond 100 mph on purely electric power, although only for around 19 miles. The P1's electric motor is not meant to enable fully electric driving though, it mainly assists in smoothing the performance of its gasoline engine. Sadly, even if you have $1.2 million to spare, the P1 is currently sold out and you'll need to wait for it to go into production again.

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