What is a PPI claims calculator?

PPI is a type of insurance for mortgages, credit cards and loans which many different companies have offered out to customers, however over the recent years it has been noted that many PPI offerings were miss-sold, leading to many customers being out of pocket. This is where a PPI claims calculator comes into action, and there are a number of companies that offer secure and reliable PPI calculators to see you through. Companies like offer fast and accessible help, and advice for following up PPI claims. Their website offers you a platform to find out how much money you are truly owed. They offer calculators for mortgages and loans, as well as credit cards, so finding the right information for you couldn't be easier., another company very similar to, the difference being that three types of calculators are available to help you highlight your claim in a little more detail. The results provided by are reliable but in certain areas they do make assumptions, so it is vital that you provide enough and relevant details for your claim. When looking for companies that provide you with detailed breakdowns of your PPI claims using a calculator, websites like are there to help. Their friendly and reliable service offers PPI claimers expert help and advice that puts you in the right direction. They are able to breakdown your claim into simplified information, so it is easier for you to understand and to make a successful claim. Other websites like and provide you with clear insights into how to make a successful PPI claim, their services enable you to track down vital information that can lead to successful claims. Both of these companies do the difficult tasks of ensuring that all the information provide is correct and beneficial for you to make a claim, so if you're looking for that extra help, then both and are there for you.

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